StepONE Tailor

Measurement women

The neck measurement is taken around the neck with the tape resting on your shoulders. You should put one finger between the tape and the neck if you want to allow for some extra room.
Measure across back from outside of one shoulder to other.
Measure largest part; keep tape a little higher at back.
Measure width of bust from one nipple to the other.
Measure stomach.
Measure natural waistline.
Measure 7" below the waist or widest point of hips.
Measure from the top of the waistband in the front to the top of the waistband in the back.
Measure around thigh at widest point.
Measure width around cuff.
Measure jacket/Blouse length from shoulder seam.
Measure from shoulders seam to bust line.
Measure from shoulder seam to waist with arm bent (allow for padding).
Measure from top of waist band to bottom of cuff.
Measure inseam from crotch to bottom of cuff.
Measure skirt length from waist.