StepONE Tailor

Quality and Service comes first

Today, dressing well is a necessity. For business or pleasure,

Step One Tailor by Tony

has the wardrobe options for you to look your best. Visit today or view online our suits, blazers, overcoats, dresses, pants, shirts, and much more. Shop from one of Bangkok’s best custom tailors via email and find valuable special offers.

At Step One Tailor by Tony, we treat you right. We take time to find out your needs and taste and serve you in a relaxed atmosphere. No hassle. No hype. And if you’re not completely satisfied, we keep working until you are.

Unlike many other tailors in this grand city returning customers are vital to our business, making customer satisfaction essential.

Please call us yourself (not hotel staff, tour guide, taxi, or tuk-tuk driver) for pick-up service or proper direction to our showroom.

You may reach us at tel: +66 (0) 2234 7949 (or) +66 (0) 8 9811 8446.


A suit makes a gentleman – and we are men who make suits.
We make suits that will suit your every need, in addition to vests, overcoats, shirts, pants etc.
Nothing will make you stand out in a crowd like a tailor made suit in superior fabric, style and comfortability.
We create suits with built in self esteem.


Dresses for pleasure or work, wedding or gala is what we do everyday. Imagine a dress that is not only a Cinderella dream to glance at, but also amazingly comfortable to wear in all situations.

Perfect Fit

We will go to extended lengths to make your new clothes to your exact measurement, but also to find the perfect fabric, in the colours you prefer.
We will keep working on your orders until they are perfect. One or two fitting sessions are not unusual, to make your order the best you ever worn.


This magnificent city offers you a wide variety of excitement and inspiring temptations, among these shopping and sightseeing pleasures in an abundance. For your experience to remain pleasurable it is vital that you attend to a few words of  advice: 

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